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64 X 80 Mia Vetro Double Interior Wood Door With Frame & Frosted Glass Wenge

64 X 80 Mia Vetro Double Interior Wood Door With Frame & Frosted Glass Wenge

64 X 80 Mia Vetro Double Interior Wood Door With Frame & Frosted Glass Wenge    64 X 80 Mia Vetro Double Interior Wood Door With Frame & Frosted Glass Wenge
Our Mia Vetro Interior Door Wenge adds a clouded window to the traditional Mia design. The African wenge creates a flowing personality for this interior door, which is also highlighted with silver strip moldings. Each door comes complete with a natural veneer finish, and that is the only treatment needed to create a smooth surface. The frame of the Vetro is made from solid woods planks supported by micro studs. Not only does the door look great with the veneer finish, but it is also made using honeycomb technology for improved noise reduction. The door is easier to open because of its lightweight, and it has a high rot resistance as well. Only the finest materials are used to craft the Mia interior door and slabs. We understand the importance of a great look and use natural wood veneer, which requires no additional treatment. We guarantee our doors are outstanding and will add personality to any room. 1 3/4 or 1 3/8. Wall covered by jamb with adjustable casing. 3 7/8 to 4 7/8.

Door handle is not included. Middle Panel Construction: Flat panel door with horizontal directional veneer and 4 decorative strips; Swedish honeycomb structure.

Stile Construction: Solid wood core covered with a natural wood veneer finish. Swing direction refers to the hinged side of the door and the way the door swings: inside or outside of the room or home. It is important to choose correct swing direction. In some cases pre-hung door with wrong chosen swing direction could not be reversed. Please review the illustrations below in order to have clear understanding of door swing directions.

Left or Right Hand means that hinged side of the door is located from your left or right hand side accordingly. Location where you are standing when determining swing direction is considered as outside. Pre-hung door is a door that is already hanging in its own frame.

The main components of a pre-hung door are: rubber sealed single rabbet frames, matching casings, and your choice of hinges. Under what circumstances should you get a pre-hung door? If you fall under one of these categories it would be best for you to get a pre-hung door: -New construction or house renovation -No existing door frame. We also highly recommend getting your door pre-hung, so you may enjoy the full beauty of your newly acquired luxury door! What is a door slab? A door slab is a rectangular slab of wood and it does not come with any type of hinges, frames and moldings. Why would I need a door slab?

-Sliding door solution -Pocket door solution -Replacement of the currently existing door, without removing your existing frame. Difference between Door Slab and Pre-hung Door.

Door Slab Only No handle preparation. Complete Door unit which is in most cases ready to install.

Includes Matching Door Jambs and Casings, Hinges, Handle preparation Jamb width extension (if necessary). See picture below in order to know how to accurately measure rought opening. First, three times measure the widths between the studs of the entryway.

On picture 1 they are highlighted with arrowed lines and A, B, C. Be sure to record the smallest width of the 3 measurements. Second, measure the height on both sides (see picture 2 A, B lines) and also record the smallest measurement. The Astragal is a flat lath which is used in double door configuration.

It mounts to the edge of the door from the outside. Astragal attaches to the non-active door in an inswing direction and on the active door in an outswing direction. Astragal closes the clearance gap between the two slabs.

It is made from high-pressed MDF covered by natural wood veneer and has the same finish as the door. Astragals mainly used with the Flush Bolt closure option. This excludes rural areas, inaccessible roads or addresses with limited access for semi-trucks. Please see further details on inspection of item below.

All unpaid items will be re-listed without notice. Simply write items arrived damaged. Even with all of the extra measures we take to ensure a safe and complete transit , nonetheless, damages or shortage may still occur.

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  • Model: MIA VETRO DOUBLE 64"
  • Color: Wenge Brown

64 X 80 Mia Vetro Double Interior Wood Door With Frame & Frosted Glass Wenge    64 X 80 Mia Vetro Double Interior Wood Door With Frame & Frosted Glass Wenge